Variac Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Variac Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer

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Our workforce of skillful and practiced experts has facilitated us to produce, provide and export Variac Type Servo Stabilizer. These units are created of ultimate quality constituents that are obtained from the dependable dealers of the market. Prepared with finest accessible parts, these units give efficient and rapid voltage guideline and repairs. Variac Type Servo Stabilizer (Variac Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer) is distributed to the end users in a chosen time boundary due to our widespread sharing system.

Other details of Variac Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer :-

Our firm is occupied in producing a extensive range of Variac Type Digital Servo Stabilizer. Our digital stabilizers are ideal for all kinds of electrical and electronic devices. Most recent technology is absorbed by us to fabricate these digital stabilizers in a variety of configurations. Our Variac Type Digital Servo Stabilizers are furnished with most recent Digital Micro Processors Controllers and have been intended to give a steady yield voltage with constancy of +/-1%.

Voltage oscillations can decrease the competence of all kinds of electrical and electronic device and harm them. Our Variac Digital Voltage Stabilizers defend your appliances from voltage surges and offer a neat, synchronized AC power supply in atmospheres with undependable, fluctuating mains contribution. In the occasion of a surge in the electrical energy, the stabilizer will even out the yield to make sure that the voltage attaining your device stays constant at 220V (+ 6%) and 220V (+ 9% in ER Models) within the operating array of the unit.

Advantages of Variac Type Servo Stabilizer :-

  • Elevated grade CRGO lamination
  • Easy rough construction
  • 99.9% unadulterated copper
  • Elevated competence
  • Elevated End Micro Processor regulators
  • Insignificant wave type & power factor deformation
  • Extended life with insignificant maintenance
  • Elevated quality carbon brush utilized for current flow
  • Broad range of current rating 4 Amp. To 1200 Amp
  • Even & step-less voltage management
  • Small time overwork ability
  • Easy installation & connection

Applications of Variac Type Servo Stabilizer :-

  • Air conditioning plants
  • Hospitals
  • Motors
  • Cements Plants
  • Rolling Mills
  • Testing instruments
  • Welding equipments
  • College & universities
  • Auditorium, hotels, conference hall, laboratories etc.
  • Printing Industry
  • CNC Machines
  • Cold Storage
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Units
  • Anywhere Voltage Fluctuation Persists Call Centers

Technical Specifications of Variac Type Servo Voltage Stabilizer :-


Upto 3000 KVA

Input Voltage Range (phase to Phase)

270V - 460V, 250V - 460V and 150V - 460V (Can be Customized)

Output Voltage Range (phase to phase)

380 / 400 / 415 +/- 1%

Output Waveform

True to Input

Input Frequency

45 - 55 Hz

Response Time

10 m. sec.

Correction Speed

25 - 65 V/Sec

Correction Methods

Step less Correction Using Variac


Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN)


Better Than 98%

Control Circuit

Fully Automatic IC Based Solid Stat, Glass Epoxy Control Card for easy on Line Serviceability

Duty Cycle



Auto / Manual

No Load Loss

Less than 0.5%

Compatibility to DG Set

Specially Designed Control Card for failthful operation on Mains as well as DG Set


Suitable for 3 phase Unbalanced/Balanced Supply, UNbalanced / Balanced Loads

Operating Temperature

-15°C above Ambient

Additional Features (at Extra Cost)

  •  High & Low Voltage Cutoff System
  •  Over Load And Short Circuit Protection
  •  Single Phase Prevention System
  •  Phase Sequence change protection
  •  Change over switch to By-Pass the system
  •  Earth Fault Protection
  •  Surge & RS Suppression System
  •  110 Volts Output for Special Equipment.