Variable Auto Transformers (Variac)

Variable Auto Transformers (Variac)

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Due to the high-tech infrastructural unit, we are capable to produce, provide and export Variable Autotransformer (variac), Variac Auto Transformers. These devices are utilised in diverse electrical appliances for adapting and sustaining the uneven voltage. Due to their precise working and elevated performance, these products efficient security against voltage rushes and sparks. Variable Autotransformer (variac), Variac Auto Transformers is provided to the end users in a particular time period due to our widespread distribution network.

Other Details :-

We present a broad range of superior quality changeable Auto Transformer (Variac). This kind of transformers is AC voltage manages that offers a variable AC voltage. Their deformation free output is perfect for responsive electronic applications. These transformers have a solitary layer winding on a toroidal core of superior-grade cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel. On one face of the copper winding besides the periphery, a particular sturdy contact surface is created and an especially completed carbon brush glides effortlessly on the surface. A contact arm holding the carbon brush fixed on the centre shaft and as the control button is rotated the carbon brush glides over the winding and taps of a segment of voltage crossways the winding. Variac transformers can amplify the output voltage in overload of two times the input voltage. Any wished voltage with in the utmost range can be acquired by altering the location of the Brush. The regulated dial show roughly output voltage at no weight, when the contribution is at its rated value. Rotary motion of the arm by physical or motor drive sends an output voltage from 0 to over line voltage.

Application Areas :-

  • Variable Auto Transformers (Variac) are used to regulate voltages for various industrial equipment, simulate power line conditions.
  • They are also used as the alternative to regular autotransformers.
  • Variable Auto Transformers find application in synchronous motors and induction motors.
  • Used to increase the voltage levels in AC feeders.
  • They are also used in electrical apparatus testing labs in order to smoothly and continuously varied the voltage.

Features of Variable Autotransformer (variac) :-

  •     Straightforward rocky construction
  •     99.9% unadulterated copper
  •     High competence
  •     Insignificant wave form & power factor deformation
  •     Spirals fabricated from superior grade CRGO steel
  •     Less temperature increase
  •     Extended life with slight maintenance
  •     Elevated quality carbon brush utilized for current flow
  •     Even & step-less voltage control
  •     Small time overworked capability
  •     Easy Installation & Connection
  •     Extra carbon brushes provided up to 28 Amp
  •     Extensive range of current rating 4 Amp. To 1200 Amp.

Construction of Variac Auto Transformers :-

  • There is a solitary layer winding on toroidal core of elevated-grade cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel.
  • A particular sturdy contact surface is created on one side of the copper twisting and a especially completed carbon brush glides smoothly on the surface.
  • A contact arm with a carbon brush is built-in on the centre shaft.
  • As the control handle is rotated, the carbon brush glides over the winding.

Advantages and Disadvantages :-

  • Auto Variable Transformers are more efficient in comparison with the conventional one.
  • They require less winding and have a smaller core than a regular transformer.
  • In its design and construction less copper is used.
  • Low requirements of excitation current.
  • Variable autotransformer are less expensive, lighter, smaller and handle at lower voltages.