Power Distribution Transformers

Power Distribution Transformers

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From the time of our formation, we have been in the field of creating, providing and exporting Power Distribution Transformers. These devices are utilized in diverse residential and market areas for the efficient allocation system of electricity. Recognized for their effectual workings and extended service life, these products are very well-liked in the global market. Due to our enormous transmit team; we are competent to offer the end uers with Power Distribution Transformers in dedicated time period.

Other Details :-

Servokon is considered for its excellence services and creations. The range of  Power And Distribution Transformers we proffer is recognized internationally for its quality and competence. All our devices are created of superior quality material and by utilizing most recent technology. These transformers are fabricated to meet all the national and international norms. Our products are accepted by reputed National Inspecting Agencies, namely Engineers India Limited, RITES, Department of Industries, Haryana, CIL, SGS, CPWD, NIT and many other agencies.

A distribution transformer is required to change electrical energy of elevated voltage (typically 11-22-33kV) to a lesser voltage (250 or 433V) with frequency similar before and after the conversion. Relevance of the device is mostly within inhabited areas, community supply establishment and manufacturing consumers. With given resultant voltage, allocation transformer is typically the final in the series of electrical energy supply to houses and industrial ventures. Servokon's Transformers are recognized all over the world for its Strict Quality Measures & Testing Standards in all aspects. Optimal efficiency is guaranteed by subtle proportioning of core and winding loss utilizing CRGO M3 to MS MOH lamination, Electrolyte Grade 99.9% pure copper, with transposition in L.V. coil for present sharing in equivalent conductors, electric grade press paper, board and mineral oil. Thus, improved directive is attained resultant in advanced competence and extended life. The list of habitual tests that are executed on our transformers are given below:

  •     Dielectric test
  •     Turns ratio test
  •     Insulation resistance test
  •     Polarity & phase relationship test
  •     No load losses measurement
  •     Impedance voltage test
  •     Short circuit test
  •     Seepage test of transformer tank
  •     Confrontation measures of winding

Features :-

  •     Elevated Durability
  •     Elevated competence
  •     Extended life
  •     Little temperature rise
  •     Bare minimum maintenance
  •     Problem free service
  •     Thorough quality measures & testing customs
  •     Optimal efficiency
  •     Proportioning of core & winding loss utilizing CRGO M3 to MS MOH lamination
  •     Transposition in L.V. coil for present sharing in analogous conductors
  •     Electrolyte Grade 99.9% unadulterated copper

Application :-

The allocation & power transformers have their major use for changing elevated voltage current to low voltage current with no alteration in frequency. These Power And Distribution Transformers are extensively utilized. 

Technical Specification of Power And Distribution Transformers :-


Upto 5000 KVA

Applicable Standards

IS, IEC, BS etc.



Insulating Fluid

Mineral Oil to specification


50 Hz, 60 Hz


As specified

Primary voltage

11Kv/ 22 Kv/ 33 kV

Secondary Voltage

433 v (As required)

Winding material



On Load Tap Changer to provide +5% to -15% Taps in steps of 1.25% on the H.T. Side. Else, Off Circuit Tap Changer for + 5% Taps on H.T. Side in steps of 2.5% each.


In line with applicable standards


Class 'A' (as required)

Vector Group

DYN 11