Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer

Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer

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By relying on our skillful workforce, we are competent to produce, present and export Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer. Created of superior quality raw materials, these devices offer precise and elevated performance. These devices are extensively used in various profitable and residential sectors for decoupling of 2 circuits. It is appreciated for their little maintenance and soaring durability, these devices are very well-liked in the global market. Our valued end users can acquire these devices from Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer in various models and ranks depending on their precise requirements.

Other Details :-

Our company presents a complete range of Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer that is broadly used for decoupling of 2 circuits. This kind of transformer is a sophisticated adaptation of transformer and the structure is very diverse from the normal isolation transformer. In these transformers resultant coils are divided (or primary and secondary coils) as 2 or more coils according to the capability of the transformer. The protective technique is also diverse because of the creation style. There is an inductance formed amid the coils since it is split. This inductance will provide you additional noise shrinking. As chief coil is not wound on peak of the less important coil the coupling capacitance is low. This sort of transformer helps in changing the power from one indication to other devoid of linking the 2 circuits electrically. The ideal role of our series of isolation transformer is to utilize as power transformer. This is chiefly necessary for wireless locations and expensive life saving medical devcies.

Features of Isolation Transformer, Ultra Isolation Transformer :-

  •     Broad operating voltage variety
  •     High sturdiness
  •     Less rise in temperature
  •     Separating Neutral & Earth
  •     Elevated operating frequency
  •     Noise diminution
  •     No requirement of additional Filter circuits
  •     No Impedance matching needed

Application :-

These Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformers are utilized for different applications such as :

  • Supply of equipment at elevated potentials
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Wireless hubs
  • Electronics Testing
  • Expensive life saving medical instruments

Technical Specifications :-

Capacity (KVA) 3-1000 KVA
Efficiency >97.5% @ 100% Load
Impedance < 4%
Regulation 2 – 4%
Connection Star / Delta*
Operating Load Power Factor 0.75 Lagging to 0.75 Leading
Dielectric Strength 2.5 KV, 50Hz for 1 min
Line Leakage Current < 20 Micro Amps
Coupling Capacitance 0.001 Pico Farads
DC Galvanic Isolation > 1000 Mega Ohms
Operating Temperature 0–45° C
Insulation Class F
Degree of Protection IP 20
Type of Cooling Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Winding & Wiring Material Copper EC grade (99.9% Pure)
No Load Loss< 0.5%