Digital Voltage Stabilizers For Air Conditioners

Digital Voltage Stabilizers For Air Conditioners

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We have expanded the market proficiency and knowledge to produce, supply and export Digital Voltage Stabilizers For Air Conditioners. These creations are utilized for offering an exact and steady voltage to air conditioners for their effectual workings. Due to their elevated performance, these devices have received the appreciation of the end users in the worldwide market. Digital Voltage Stabilizers For Air Conditioners are jam-packed in extraordinary packaging material in order to evade any harm at the time of haulage.

Other Details :-

We present highly-competent AC Voltage Stabilizers, created with the most recent machinery to provide you peace of mind with un-negotiated security for your Air Conditioners. These Stabilizers are stylishly created and are available with elevated quality transformers which fabricate low heat and elevated effectiveness thus improving existence of this Voltage stabilizers and Air Conditioners. These are furnished with most recent micro processor controller and salient characteristics like Time Delay scheme, elevated & low voltage cut-off etc. The major role of a Stabilizer is to create the system electric voltage that controls the machine equal to the system that is sustained by the device. This denotes that with the utilization of a Stabilizer it is simpler to make sure that variations in the voltage of electric current are not affecting the air conditioner and thus avoid better harm to the device. Our stabilizers soak up huge shocks of voltage alterations and avoid that most grave harm that is rooted to the air conditioner.

Our company also proffer special "Two Phase Stabilizer" to assemble rural voltage needs.

Features :-

  • Provides absolute defence for your Air Conditioners
  • Incorporated with elevated quality transformers
  • Furnished with most recent micro processor controller, elevated & low voltage cut-off and Time delay system
  • Soak up outsized shocks of voltage varaitions

Application :-

  • These digital voltage stabilizers are particularly fabricated for providing incessant power supply to air conditioners devoid of any variation in voltage.

Technical Specifications of AC Voltage Stabilizers :-

Input Voltage Range

160-260V/ 140-280 V/ 90-270 V/

Output Voltage Range


0.75 Ton or 1.5 Ton A.C.

4 Kva Stabilizer

2 Ton A.C.

5 Kva Stabilizer

2.5 or 3 Ton A.C.

7.5 Kva Stabilizer