Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

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We are well recognized in the globe market as one of the foremost producers, dealers and exporters of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers. These devices are extensively utilized for adapting and preserving stable voltage in diverse electrical machines. In order to guarantee their efficient performance and presentation, these devices are analyzed by our skilled quality panel. Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home Use are presented to the end users in a dedicated time structure owing to our huge delivery scheme.

Other details :-

We are concerned in presenting a complete variety of Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, which is essentially fabricated to offer a reliable power supply with precision of +/-9%. Voltage Power Controllers are built with the most recent technology to give you peace of mind with uncompromised defence for your electronic tools. Our stabilizers always suffice global quality criterion and proffer better effectiveness and consistency. Furthermore, these are obtainable with Digital / Analog display indicators to demonstrate output. Apart from each and every one, we also present extraordinary "Two Phase Stabilizer" to fulfil rural voltage needs.

Features of Servokon Automatic Voltage Stabilizers :-

  •     AM-meter with or without switch
  •     Time delay transmit forms are also obtainable
  •     Over load defense through MCB
  •     Less & elevated voltage trip for Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, T.V., Deep Freezer and Stereo System are accessible
  •     Servokon Voltage Stabilizers are simple to set up and function
  •     Less repairs needed
  •     Digital IC prohibited circuit, which create the preservatives mechanical in nature
  •     Guards the devices or electronic gadgets in opposition to voltage variation
  •     Guarantees the gadget or electric device‚Äôs security
  •     Sleek, compressed and stylish design
  •     Consumes low power

Application of an Automatic stabilizer :-

These automatic voltage controllers are utilized for domestic reason:

  • CNC Machines
  • Deep freezers,
  • Bottle coolers, Water coolers
  • BOD incubators
  • Air conditioning appliance

Technical Specifications of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for Home Use :-

For Domestic Purpose Main Line (2 AC & lighting load)

INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE 160-260V / 140-280V/ 90-270 V
0.24 KVA 1.0 Amps
0.5 KVA 2.0 Amps
1.0 KVA 4.0 Amps
3.0 KVA 12.0 Amps
4.0 KVA 16.0 Amps
5.0 KVA 20.0 Amps
7.5 KVA 30.0 Amps For Domestic Purpose Main Line (1 A.c & lighting load)
10.0 KVA 40.0 Amp